Over the years Robbie's Voice has given many major brands both TV and radio presence. Such familiar household names as Ford, Huggies Pullups and Guinness have entrusted their campaigns to his voice as their means of engaging the public and they're all still in business. This is good news for everyone.

More recently the creators of some of the world's finest computer games such as Sony, Sega, Lionhead and Square Enix have called upon his wide ranging vocal talent to breathe life and realism into their characters.

Robbie's Voice possesses that rare quality of being unknown to many but familiar to all. It's likely you have heard it at some point over the last fifteen years or so, even though you may not remember where.

For your inspiration and entertainment, or perhaps to jog your memory, click through the site and hear for yourself.

Incidentally, Robbie's Voice is owned and manipulated by Robbie Stevens (that's him over there); you can read more about Robbie on the CV page...

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Robbie Stevens: voice-over artist, actor